The Platform: Tickles.TV is the premier online platform for a community of Urban Chameleons to get ‘Ratchet and Intellectual’ about their favorite tv shows.  If you’re likely to be at work giving Power Point presentations by day and droppin’ it like it’s hot to Migos by night you are an Urban Chameleon. If you go from eating sushi with chop sticks to lickin’ yo’ fingers from fried chicken you are an Urban Chameleon. If you go from watching Game of Thrones to Love & Hip Hop you are an Urban Chameleon and  Tickles.TV is for YOU!


Tickles.TV is the meeting place for Urban Chameleons around the globe to watch, engage and contribute to the network.


The Content: We seek to stimulate provocative conversations  that speak to the complexity of our Urban Chameleon culture as we transition between the Corporate World and our “complicated” Urban Worlds.



Our original produced series Angry Black Women


and Funnel Cake Flowers: The Urban Chameleon News Reporter

captures the complexities of modern day people of color. Tickles.TV believes that comedy most effectively translates information, conversation and culture. Our content is shared through videos, blogs, and various social media forums.


The Impact: Tickles.TV the conversation here might get under your skin and make you laugh, cry, get up and stomp your feet…you may call out for Jesus, Mary, Joseph or even K-Ci, JoJo and DeVante! Regardless, we ask you be respectful and smart. Challenge opinions with thoughtfulness and as if you were talkin’ to yo’ mama.  Tickles.TV aims to confronts issues and spark new cultural conversation that help realize who we were, we are, and who we’re aspiring to be.


Philosophy: Be present. Be aware. Laugh and don’t take yourself or anyone else too seriously.


Powered by: Team Tickles, a group of Urban Chameleons who real life stories inspire a platform for US.  Learn more about HOW THE URBAN CHAMELEON CAME TO BE

Supported by: A Kick-Ass team who values good ticklish conversation for social change. They are taking it and if they get burned in the process, we have plenty of cocoa butter.