Why Are We So Obsessed With Blood On TV?

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Vampires are intriguing mythical creatures that we just might be a little bit too obsessed with if the tv sales on supernatural shows are any indication. And can we really talk about vampires without mentioning werewolves? Those two are the Yin Yang of the supernatural world.
We all read stories about how dangerous most of these mythical creatures are, till tv shows like The Twilight Saga, Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf and True Blood opened us up to their intriguing human side. We have vampires falling in love with humans, werewolves mating with humans to produce half-breeds and how could we possibly resist that?
I still remember the first vampire movie I watched, Twilight. I fell in love with Edward and Bella’s love story and had an insight into how these supernatural creatures have a soft side to them, aside that craved to be understood, to be loved, like every other human.
Ever since the days of Adam and Eve, we’ve always felt drawn to forbidden fruits. Or in this case, a forbidden love, just like the one between Tyler and Caroline in The Vampire Diaries, Edward and Bella in Twilight. And let’s not forget although they have humane sides, they still need blood to survive. Gross right? But we still love them.
Series like Vampire Diaries made such a successful hit they had a spin-off on the origin and life of how vampires came to be, The Originals. And it has an even bigger audience, with people rooting for Klaus Michelson, the one-time bloodthirsty half Vampire, half werewolf, who we came to understand as being emotional and had a traumatic childhood, which explains his psychopathic tendencies.
How then can blood not sell on tv when the reality is so boring and the supernatural give us the fix we crave from our over imaginative minds?

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Don’t you just put it in a very comprehensive and intriguing way? I love your prose.

There is something about the forbidden that keeps one on their toes. Anything forbidden is just that much more exciting. The excitement of not getting caught The excitement of proving others wrong. The excitement of being different. The excitement of not bending to the rules.

I love going against the tide. I love a good challenge because it proves just how good I am.

As for being blood thirsty however, I am not one of them. I dread watching horror, vampire and zombie shows. I just cannot get myself to do it. 

ps. I once peed on myself so No Thanks 🙁

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