DaenerysTargaryen, the Camouflaged Antagonist in G.O.T

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Khaleesi, Mhisa, the Unburnt, Stormborn etc.  She definitely has many titles.  But why do most people call her Khaleesi? Why? C’mon… that’s just a title- She’s supposed to be Daenerys Targaryen, LOL; wait, if you’ve watched the latest episode, then you will allow me to call her ‘Dany’ today #wink#.

Yeah yeah… what a pretty face she really is, but G.O.T diehard fans love Dany for quite a number of reasons. From Season 1 through Season 7, we have watched her interestingly defy all odds set against her as a woman to establish herself as one of the most powerful characters in the fictional TV show. Daenerys isn’t anywhere close to being evil like her shitty brother;who sells her off in season 1, nor is her madness anywhere close to the Mad KingJoffrey, wait a minute- is she even a little mad? Hell No! Either way, she has definitely made some massive mistakes during her wild quest for power. Sometimes I even had to ask myself, “What the f@c|<” was that even necessary, Mhisa?”

My Khaleesi  is the one who frees slaves from their oppressive masters, liberates cities and then recruits them (wilfully) to her camp after. Kudos!Sadly, along the way, many people end up suffering her wrath and rather ‘masked’ unforgiving nature. She has killed many innocent people in the process (remember-even her towering dragons have inadvertently committed foul murders without being controlled or ‘punished’). I can only attribute such mean and cruelacts to the mad King Joffrey.

Also, I find her moments as the ruler of Meereento be quite sadistic in nature. In season four, when the Meereenesesoldiers torture and kill slave children by crucifying them, sheresponds by similarly crucifying an equal number of noble Meereeneseonce she captures the city, but why Danny, why? Even despite pleas for mercy from her wise counsel, she carries on. Are these characteristics of a leader? Is it really worth it of a leader topunish evil by even greater evil?

Danny is simplypower hungry, I’d call itobsession. She believes the Iron Throne is her birth right and no one should stand in her way, in her questfor power. Not even the innocent or any loyal servant should try it. Not unless you want her huge dragons to lick your face then maybe you should try it.

What’s in for a Queen who even exiles her loyal servant when he contracts a seemingly incurable disease? As far as I am concerned,Dany is an antagonist in disguise, not until she gets on the same page as Jon Snow in thoughts and acts.

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1 on September 17, 2017

Well, I am a fan of Dany, but I do not agree with you on this. She is not the perfect queen, but you will agree that she is a saint when compared to Cersei Lannister.

Yes, her dragons killed innocents, but she didn’t have full control of them then, and she did chain them afterward. Did she kill the noblemen? Yes! After diplomatic methods failed and they would have killed our dear Dany too. This was a war scenario!

The Iron Throne IS her birthright (at least until we realized it was Jon’s or Aegon’s), Dany started from the bottom, and like any leader, there are always going to be instances where tough, unpopular choices had to be made. She can be impulsive but then, she’s is a Targaryen. I’ll have her over Cersei all day, every day. I think you would too. 


on September 19, 2017

I don’t subscribe to this thinking because she could have decided to go on a rampage with her dragons but refrained from doing so. Like Ashley right stated, she started from the bottom and now has the power to get back to those who wronged her family.

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