Def Comedy Jam 25th Anniversary on Netflix

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Have y’all seen this? If you haven’t get on way from here. Well nawl you can stay, but once you read this get thee to Netflix. Kay? Kay.

If you don’t know what it Def Comedy Jam is, I weep for your soul. It launched in 1992 after Russell Simmons and Stan Lathan saw that black comics were being denied the television broadcast they deserved. This right here will have us all forgiving Russell for that damb Rush card. Stan Lathan’s greatest accomplishment is his daughter, Sanaa but this has to be second.

Now the show starts with Steve dumb arse Harvey (Y’all know what I mean), Sheryl I love you, but sometimes you talk too much but since you got ALL THE DEGREES keep talking, Cedric we need to see more of you the Entertainer, Dave yo arse done made me pee on myseld Chappelle. The DJ was, of course, Kid Capri (Google him nah I can’t just tell y’all erythang).

Now look these comics tell the truth about everybody in the room and have you dying laughing as they do. It is pure grimy as only Def Comedy Jam can be. So after they do their thing they bring out Tracey I almost died, but I got shit to do like wear this disco ball jacket at the 25th Anniversary of Def Comedy Jam. Tracey pays homage to Martin (Who looks a little off. Can’t put my finger on it tho’). They show clips of Martin doing stand up and you prepare for the laughter memories you’d forgotten. Like Martin on stage in nothing but some red drawls. Listen to me y’all Just listen Martin’s stand up back in the day would damb near take yo life. He became the host of Def Comedy Jam back in the day and did a phenomenal job, phenomenally.

Imma fast forward pass Chris Rock’s interview as not to tell erythang (What’s that lump in his jaw y’all? He is looking pookieISH). I’ love Chris tho’ so Rock on Pookie.

Tiffany Haddish made several apperances and I wanted to see more of her. She tells a great story. We could hang, but Imma have to have my bail fund together because…we gone Girl trip like a mug.

Eye Candy…Jessie Williams, Michael Ealy, Morris Chestnut, Katt Williams…One of these things is not like the other. LOL

D.L. Hughley y’all this man is and always has been funny and WOKE as hell. Eddie I will dance like Michael Jackson and tell a joke that makes you laugh your ass off, but question if you’ll get into heaven for laughing. 

Bernie I ain’t sked of you MuthaFuckas Mac. I laughed. I cried. I misssssss him. I needed to get some milk and cooooookies.

Bill I neva really thought he was funny Bellamy but he coined boooootttttyyyyy caaaalllll so I remember him fondly. You ain’t calling me at 2 in the mawnin’.

Adele Imma Fuckin’ Lady Givens. Google her y’all. She is raunchy but funny. She did make a good point we all look good 25 years later. I mean this is an example of black don’t crack. Melanin poppin’. Fountain of youth is in this DNA. Y’all watch to find out what the double E zone is and come back and tell me your double E story.

Trevor Noah tells us about how Def Comedy Jam educated him. I love his perspective on everything. 

Kevin Poke a lot Hart made an appearance. Bless his little heart. He told the truth. He did sit on a stool. I remember seeing his feet dangle. They shouldn’t have made him climb that stool by himself like that. That was dangerous. 

Steve I can’t lose my other jobs on this one show so imma try not to cuss and what not too much. 

I coulda done with out the Def Comedy word search app skit with the Craig Robinson. I really like him, but the skit was NOT funny. Def does funny from start to finish. It did not do unfunny.

The dedication to the women of comedy reminded me of clutching my pearls back in the day listening to them, but I was clutchin’, laughin’ and peein’ just a lil. 

My boo Ice Cube made an appearance…That’s when I had knowed today was a good day. 

Mike Epps does NOT have the sense God gave a billy goat. He done told the womenS they are…you know what, watch this. I ain’t gone mess up his joke.

Katt Williams was reserved, but funny. (reserved for Katt. Gotta give that disclaimer) Bless his pineapple waves having heart. He told the truth about fear and Def Comedy Jam.

NOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW D.L. Hughley and Dave Chappelle on the same stage at the same time. Empty your bladder and eat and drink at your own risk. You might choke and die. These two go completely off script and improv. The Black National Anthem may or may have not entered the picture. They may or may not have handed that cutie Jessie Williams the mic. They started doing shout outs, singing schoolhouse rock, then just forgot all about the teleprompter and gave us a show like one you pray to witness. Then the production staff just said if you can’t beat’em…join’em…and I laughed a lot and peed a lil bit. 

They gave tribute to all the comics who have left us with the song by Faith and I dropped a Denzel Glory tear…because Imma thug and can’t have my eyes sweatin’ all willy nilly.

This was one of the best 25th anniversary shows I have ever seen. If you have not parTOOKEN, do so immejutly. Kay? Kay!! Bye!!!

Oh and Cedric the Entertainer does THEEEEE BEST BERNIE MAC impression.

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👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 for this BRAVO recap! BECAUSE of this I’m watching now or rather getting “to thee Netflix now!”

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