Is Empire a Reflection on How Black People Have General Disdain to Homosexuality?

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Let me give a scenario,  you know how luscious Lyon in the first season of empire treated Jamal because of his sexaulity?, well that’s a typical black persons reaction to homosexuality. Complete disgust!

As the season progresses,  the attitude of luscious does not change.  He decided to just not acknowledge the fact that his son was gay,  even went to the extreme of throwing girls at him with hopes that he will be “delivered”, well we all know how that turned out. This series depicts the struggles an average gay African American faces from his family, friends and people of his race.

I remember a viral video that hit the Internet two or three years ago about a gay man shouting in a church, ” I am delivered! ” and” I ain’t gay no more! ” numerous times.  This shows the extreme measures black people can take with regards to homosexuality as his family members took him to church for deliverance.

The newest season of Empire has more homosexual scenes than others and their sales have plummeted drastically. 50Cent who is a typical example of an African American is of the belief that their sales plummeted because of “too much gay stuff”, the highest percentage of their viewers are black people so this just to say black people really do not like homosexuality.

Black people are generally very religious, so I believe that their disdain for homosexuality may have stemmed from the fact that the Bible and the church are against it and so they cannot accept it.

Amongst all the other races,  the black race has the highest percentage of “Homophobes” and although some black people will beg to differ and want to be seen as “WOKE” so the question is, is this just in the movies and series or do we really dislike people of the same sex?

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It’s not like Asians, Latinos, Middle Eastern and even many middle American white folks are doing a better job at being LESS homophobic than black people. I wonder why you say “typical black person’s reaction.” I feel like I know they type you are talking about but I know plenty of black folks who dont react like Lucious THANK GOD.

 I do feel like folks spotlight black people’s homophobic-ness rightfully so because you would think after the unjust shit we been through we as a culture could sympathize with the Jamaal’s of the world.

Empire has the need to be so over the top with everything especially the sex scenes. Quite frankly I don’t care who’s loving on each other I really don’t care to see it on tv. I feel like Lee Daniels be like “YOU GONNA WATCH THIS AMERICA” as if he’s getting back at the gay bullies of the world. I’m like can we please just stick to storyline please 

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