Insecure: Do Black Girls and White Girls Get Down Differently…Sexually?

Updated on September 22, 2017 in Insecure
2 on September 11, 2017

In a recent article in the New York Post, Issa stated,

“People called blowjobs ‘Beckys,’ and that’s a white girl name. I think people are way more sexually free and liberal currently,” she said.

“But I will say that in conversations that I’ve had, a lot of my black female friends will have sex with a guy before they give him head. And a lot of my white female friends would be like, ‘No, I’d rather give head than have sex.’ That was the conversation that we were kind of having in the room.”

Issa caught slack for the “sexual” episode despite Issa sharing her truth. Is your truth with “white girls” and Black girls” different or the same?



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1 on September 20, 2017

Personally, i think this is in all in our heads because one’s sexual process is not in anyway tied to their race but other things like exercise and personal preference. So we have to do away with this thinking and judge people based on how they get down in the sheet and not the colour of their skin

on September 22, 2017

Totally agree. There is a stereotype that black girls are way more ratchet in bed than their white counterparts but I say this is not true. Race has absolutely noting to do with getting down. If I am comfortable with giving head as compared to the real act the first day then that’s me while another will get down to action. Whatever suits you I say go for it Urban Chameleon!

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