Insecure: Do you Think Issa Would Have Forgiven Lawrence if He Cheated?

Updated on September 30, 2017 in Insecure
1 on September 22, 2017

I sometimes find Insecure a hard show to watch because it gets so ironically awkward at times, but I love it regardless.

Season 2 of the TV show has really accentuates the fact that men find it a lot harder, almost impossible, to forgive a cheating spouse, unlike the female folks who find it a lot easier to forgive. Why?

I am not saying women find it altogether easy just to accept and forgive a cheating spouse, but we do find it a lot harder to throw away an entire relationship we’ve built because our man cheated.

We have come to accept that most guys would cheat and we have become more forgiving, unlike the male folks who just want to blow the whole relationship up. The fact that men find it near impossible to forgive a cheating spouse is buttressed by the inability of Lawrence to forgive Issa for her cheating act with her relationship Achilles heel, Daniel.

While nobody is allowed to cheat in relationships, they do that anyways. However, people are always  harder on women who cheat which is so ridiculous. Everyone should at least be held to an equal standard.

Do you think Lawrence should have been more open to forgiving Issa? Would Issa have if the tables were turned?  I do think he should have considering she had been down for his boring ass for the last five years. She screwed up, yes! But still…

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0 on September 30, 2017

Double Standards! Tats my answer to your question Ashley.

Society as made it okay for men to cheat but the moment a woman cheats, she is branded a whore. I cannot take how we women are made to feel guilty for a man’s fault. When a man cheats, the woman is blamed and told she is not providing the man with what he needs and so he has to look it elsewhere but when roles are reversed, no one says that the man pushed the woman to the edge and she ad no choice but to cheat.

Men should learn to forgive their spouses when they cheat, just like we suck it up, forgive them and move on!

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