Empire: Is every Black Woman Like Cookie Lyon?

Updated on September 1, 2017 in Empire
1 on August 30, 2017

Empire is a series that is in a class of its own and even though a lot of people claimed it was the black version of Glee when it first came out, it has been able to hold its own even though the show’s rating has dropped compared to the first two seasons. 

One character that held viewers spellbound is Cookie Lyon (gracefully portrayed by Taraji P. Henson), the lioness of the Lyon dynasty who can hold her own against Luscious. However, one thing that is synonymous with Cookie’s character is the “angry black woman” tag that has plagued a lot of women and even the former First Lady Michelle Obama had to deal with it when she was in the White House. 

The angry black woman tag was institutionalized and normalized in the series Empire because it seems the only time we felt Cookie’s character was when she was angry. So it got me thinking is this a myth or are black women naturally angry for no reason? is the society sold on the idea that black women are born angry and naturally violent than women of other race?

I really need to know because it has become more or less a norm to tag black women as crazy people who act without any reason. So let me know, is there any validation to this notion or are we just propagating an erroneous view that holds no water against facts?

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0 on September 1, 2017

Black women being angry is a common stereotype that has been labelled upon them. It is true that Cookie’s character is only strengthened when she is angry about Luscious or when she hits her eldest son with a broom. The truth of the matter however is that Cookie is so much more than an “angry black woman”. She is a BOSSLADY that knows exactly what she wants and would unleash holy hell to anyone that tries to stop her!

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