Empire: Love Relationships and Drama!

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Okay, let’s talk relationships. Everyone seems to be in one on Empire. While some are casual hook-ups some are literally matches made in hell! First off is Cookie and Luscious. These two people have a long past and have known each other since they were young, got married and had three sons together. Their love was so strong that Cookie took the fall for Luscious and went to jail for 17 years on drugs. There is a love-hate relationship between these two. Luscious hates seeing Cookie with a gay woman at a concert but they still cannot find a common ground to stand on together as a couple. They are business rivals and this is heightened when Cookie forms Lyon Dynasty to compete with Luscious’ Empire Entertainment. Andre and Rhonda are another couple on the show. From the surface, they look like a regular couple but deep within are a number of secrets they are hiding. They kill Luscious’ assistant and burry his body. Andre cannot do anything about it when Rhonda tells him she is pregnant. Andre then uses this pregnancy to soften his father’s heart and remain in the business. Hakeem is somewhat a womanizer and he dates a number of women and even has a cougar – his father’s ex-girlfriend, Anika who falls pregnant and thinks it is Hakeem’s. she however cannot tell him the news when she sees he is genuinely happy with his new girlfriend. Jamal being gay is quite a tough pill for Luscious to swallow but Cookie always protects and defends him. His relationship with Michael is quite rocky when both of them are insecure and think the other is cheating. Tell me about your observations on the other relationships on empire.

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You have covered most of the relationship drama of the show. I am particularly with the love-hate relationship going on between Lucious Lyon and Cookie. Both seem to push each other to the limit but when it comes down to the important things, family, they always find a middle grown and work together.

Cookie is particularly one tough cookie. She has been through a lot but she still looks to be the one thread that keeps the entire family together. I think Hakeem is just an asshole.

I never really liked the Hakeem character and his antic in the show don’t help matters.


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