Greenleaf: My dark past: with whom should I share it with?

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Greenleaf has had me hooked. It is for real a kingdom divided and season two literally takes from the comfort of your sofa to the edge of your seat. So let’s talk about Grace and Darius. They are head over heels with each other and their romance is steaming hot. But just like most love stories, there is always a spoiler to the fairy tale ending.

Darius is pretty much consumed in is journalism career and he was starting to feel as though grace was tugging is heart strings which to him was like getting into the unknown. But then Grace tells him about her dark past and the secret she has been hiding from the world for years.

I absolutely understand how one becomes vulnerable when they are in love and many of us have told our partners thins that in hindsight you come to regret. So my focal point today is; when is it okay to share a dark secret with your partner? Is it even possible not to tell them or is this part of the deceit? Do we tell these secrets to hook these people into the relationships or do we want to be pitied and felt sorry for? Honestly, I am one to die with my secrets especially if one will use it to blackmail me. I would not want something that I did or happened to me in the past to jeopardize my current relationship. But that is me. What do you guys think?

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I think that we reveal our dark secrets when it will help explain who we are or why we are the way that we are. Although those dark secrets we’d rather remain “dark secrets” it’s sometimes beneficial for our loved one(s) to know them. They just need to remember it’s our past and not our present (in some cases).

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