Power: Tasha is the real MVP

Updated on September 4, 2017 in Power
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Let’s talk about that season finale of Power.

Now, I was a little underwhelmed on the overall episode, but still interested enough to keep watching next season. Imma keep watching for no other reason than to see this chess game Tasha is playing. Let’s recap her moves in just this episode.

  1. Ummmmm Ghost you can’t fix this!! Raina was flesh of my flesh. Blood of my blood. So ain’t no fixin’ this heah. But you can kill whoever took my baby from me. By the way don’t die and don’t get caught. Yah heard?!
  2. Where is Tariq? Oh he dipped again? Instead of using that find my phone she went to Angela to locate Tariq’s bad arse. Why? Because she knew he was about to get into some mess and she needed to cover him. So she went to the Head Woman In Charge and made her a conspirator in whatever was going on. Angela located his phone through illegal channels. 
  3. Tasha got her baby and discarded all physical evidence of a crime,
  4. Tasha told ole lawyer boo love don’t live here no moh. Represent me. Here’s the check. Thanks.

Whilst Ghost and dem are out here with the big payback.

Tasha is outchea like Check and Mate. #GameOver

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