Love & Hip Hop: What is the definition of black beauty?

Updated on August 31, 2017 in Love & Hip Hop
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When one is famous and in the lime light, there is an unseen pressure to keep up a certain image. This has even been further bolstered by being on television. In Love and Hip Hop for instance, all the cast members are always looking good, which is a good thing in the showbiz industry. My question however is why? Why are all the female cast members always wearing weaves? Do not get me wrong, every woman is entitled to their own beauty and how they want to keep their hair is their own choice. I however have a problem with the definition of beauty portrayed in the series. Does this mean that black women are not beautiful enough? Do they have to keep up with the “European” standards of beauty to be at par with other white entertainers? Weave is made to look like it is the only option for black women, which is not really the case. The balance between a normal black woman’s life and that shown on Love and Hip Hop is clearly non-existent. It is important to remember that the show is watched by our little girls and in as much as it might be hard to admit, this clearly leaves a rather negative impression on them. The cast members are idolized and there is absolutely no way a young black girl will rock her natural hair without feeling less beautiful. The message being passed across now is that their natural hair and beauty is not enough, which I think is outright misleading and sad.



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