Empire: Strong black woman

Updated on September 11, 2017 in Empire
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Empire has been greatly instrumental in portraying just how powerful a black woman is and how far she would go to protect her family. A compelling scene is the flashback where Cookie took the fall for Luscious years back and went to jail for 17 years for what her husband had done. She did this to protect her children and to make sure that they were well taken care of as their father built Empire Entertainment. I was however alarmed years later after her release when Luscious was jailed and on Cookie’s visit, she mentions that he had not visited her even once when she was in jail. This got me thinking: do women do way too much for their husbands? Is this never reciprocated? Do the men in our lives take what women do for them for granted? This seems to be the case here because Luscious wants to be visited and is even jealous when he sees Cookie with a female promoter at a show. Cookie is however an intelligent woman and a protective mother. She protects her son Jamal who is gay from Luscious who is clearly homophobic. Others may argue that Cookie is a stereotypical black woman and that the show seeks to praise whores, pimps and drug dealers but this is not the case. Cookie is so much more. She is a business woman and a competent manager at Lyon Dynasty. Empire is as great as it is because its characters are multidimensional. Ask yourself, is Cookie defined by her race or is race just part of who she is? The answer is the latter. She does not act out any stereotypical pathology for no logical reason and she interacts well with her white daughter-in-law.

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