The Last Ship: The Almighty US Navy

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The Last Ship is another military based, action drama seasonal that has a compelling premise that is pure entertainment.

The TV show is based on William Brinkley’s novel of the same name. The Last Ship’s first season was intriguing and audience-captivating (at least, viewers who love action drama).

The show starts with the entire world being on the brink of destruction, having to deal with a chaotic, post-apocalyptic world at the mercy of a lone United States Navy ship and its team’s successful discovery of a cure for the global pandemic that has afflicted the world. And all these to be achieved while working in radio silence orders and unaware of the destruction that had occurred in the world while at sea.

The Last Ship is a classic case of the United States military being the savior of the world, which was quite remarkable, but as the season progressed, I think the entire ‘savior of the world theme’ is being overplayed.

It is nice that they had British Intelligent (a single agent) involved in the 4th season, but having saved the world and stabilized the political climate on previous seasons; I expected more of a coalition between more power countries.

However, the show still retains a limited ability to keep the suspense going and remains quite entertaining.

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I think the military as not been well represented in the film industry. These people do so much for our country and a show like The Last Ship is awesome. 

In as much as its captivating ability keeps dwindling as the seasons progress, at least there is something like it to watch on TV.

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