This is Us: Marriages; Making it Work

Updated on October 3, 2017 in This Is Us
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Let’s talk about marriage. Some people see it as a rite of passage; others see it as a necessity while others think it is absolutely ridiculous. But that’s them. In the show This is Us, Jack and Rebecca Pearsons make their marriage work by all means. Through their marriage, they manage to triumph over trials that life throws at them because of their togetherness. From watching the show, I have deduced that their model for a long and successful marriage is forgiveness, self-sacrifice as well as keeping the romance alive in their marriage.

This does not mean that they did not have their weaknesses. They are human and they too had their shortcomings. So for you my readers that are married, how do you maintain a loving relationship with your partner? Do you think that if Jack and Rebecca were believers, it would have made their marriage less stressful? Why do marriages have to look like so much work? This is evident by the high rate of divorce in modern America? Do children strain a marriage or do they make it better? Remember in the season finale where Rebecca and Jack get into a heated argument and Rebecca says how frustrated she is by motherhood and Jack asks her if she feels like he and the kids do not make her fulfilled? My thoughts are that a lot of people stick in nasty marriages because of the children which should not be the case. I simply love how the Pearsons deal with life in general. This show has a myriad of teachings. All we need to do is open our inner eyes, read between the lines and be open-minded.

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