This is Us: Was Jack’s Death Really Worth For Waiting For?

Updated on September 29, 2017 in This Is Us
0 on September 29, 2017

Watching This is Us has been captivating and intriguing and even many times tearful.


I am a really hard person to please but there is something about this TV show that made me want to watch episode after episode non stop. A recurring theme on the show is how events of our past significantly impact the people we are. The scenes from the characters’ childhoods are intertwined with those of their present and in the end, I find the show very relatable to normal life of us Urban Chameleons. Such things as popularity, sibling rivalry, life and death are things that we go through.

My ball of contention today comes from how Jack’s death was kept a secret from the audience. Was it really necessary to keep us waiting for that long? Also, I felt cheated when Rebecca is seen going to the hospital with Jack’s clothes making us think that he made it to the hospital. Also, his daughter Kate says that she feels responsible for her father’s death when a scene of Jack driving while drunk with young Kate in the car is shown.

We later came to know that Jack dies in a house fire and that all these prior insinuations were to throw us off the trail which to me is like buying time for no apparent reason. Is it just me or anybody else feel cheated?

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