Power: Why does bad appeal to us when it is presented as good?

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Why does “bad” appeal to us when it is presented as “good”? this is clearly seen in the hit series Power where the audience love Ghost despite all his atrocities while his partner in crime Tommy is hated because of the way he is presented. In this case, there are double standards but the truth of the matter is that Ghost should be rotting in jail together with Tommy. We also seem to love Angela even though she is breaking up Ghost’s marriage and Tasha makes it even worse for herself when she goes ahead to have an affair with her husband’s nephew. The truth of the matter is that we applaud wrong doing when it is packaged well. Is this a reflection of who we really are as individuals and humans or is it just a fantasy? In as much as we say wrong doing should be punished, we still do not want Ghost to be arrested. My question therefore is why? Why do we celebrate these characters who do bad things and think that those who adhere to the rules as stupid and boring? Do we love the thrill of the chase and how these bad guys elude capture? It may just be entertainment and not what we really want to experience in real life, which is fine. We enjoy different things differently and we love to stroke our egos. We should however be careful that we do not copy the “bad guys” because we may get ourselves messed up!



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