Being mary Jane: Work Life Balance

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Being Mary Jane is an interesting TV show. Some people love it, others hate it while a majority have a love-hate relationship with it. They do not want to watch it because they feel it resembles scandal but they still watch because it is simply irresistible! Mary Jane the character is the epitome of professionalism, confidence, focus and ambition. She embodies all these and sets a good example for her audience; both male and female. She does her job so well and delivers results. Her work chapter is just perfect but things sour when it comes to life outside work. Despite having a flawless work life she has to deal with family, love, responsibility and identity. This struggle to balance these two important spheres of her life proves to be way to much and she nearly crumbles under pressure. Mary Jane is however quick to get on her feet, brush off the dust and smile as though nothing really happened. My issue today therefore is how well do we balance work and life? Are they supposed to be different and independent and that stress from work should not spill over to relationships? Is it even possible to keep the two at arm’s length from each other or are they intertwined? According to me, Mary Jane does an impeccable job at masking her social life and presenting the best career women to her television audience. Which is good, don’t get me wrong. But again aren’t we the ones who advocate for honesty and not hiding behind the façade of a perfect life when it really isn’t?

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Yes, Being Mary Jane is one of the TV shows I follow, and I agree with you the Mary Jane hides behind this facade of perfection when her life (relationship wise) is a wreck.But, I guess,

But, i take it, that is the definition of being a “strong woman.” The ability to put up a smile even when you are down. I feel Mary Jane is doing a good job balancing her relationship with her career, but I also feel she could do better with her relationship choices that seem to be bordered on “self-destruct.”

Another issue I have with the show and all black community themed show, in general, is the fact that “relationship struggles” seems to be the theme for the black womenfolk. While this is not entirely untrue, I feel it gets overplayed.


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