If Only that Asian Man on United Airlines Had a Pepsi…

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By Dale St. Marthe

By now you probably heard about the Asian man who was comfortably sitting in his window seat of United Airlines before being dragged like a rag-doll off the plane. This all happened because the flight was overbooked. Four crew-members needed seats, and they had to kick off some people. When no one volunteered they had to “randomly” choose a few people to leave. You know how this conversation probably went down,

“Hey how about that dude…he probably no speak English, we can definitely get him to leave.”

Little do they know that this Asian man is an Urban Chameleon and he wasn’t getting off without a fight!


Or at least resistance.

A piece of advice United Airlines, if you don’t want to seem racist don’t pick the random non white person out of a sea of white people flying to kick off. Sorry but all of the people you need to kick off have to be white…we are living in very racially sensitive times.

“Fly the friendly skies” my ass. This motto could obviously not be more ironic at this time.

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United Airlines needs to take a page out of textbook Black school rules; if you ain’t in the seat when I get into the classroom, then it’s not your seat.  I don’t care if you have to sit next to that smelly boy who brings tuna fish for lunch everyday and if you have a problem with it, tell it to the fist. New United Airlines mottos idea: “Catch These Friendly Hands”

A spokesman for the company insisted that employees had no choice but to ask authorities to remove the man named David Dao. That is such bull shit. For the sake of the people, why couldn’t this situation be dealt with at the gate? How you actually gonna let people on and then really ask them to leave? Don’t we already have to put up with so much at the airport like disposing of liquids and other non dangerous fluids while somehow terrorist with dangerous weapons always make it on and now this?

Let’s be real, David was so settled in that seat he probably already farted on the seat. Been had Netflix opened on his laptop, five episodes deep in Narcos and all of the sudden he’s forced to hit pause.

Wouldn’t have it been easier just to make an announcement over an intercom during the ticketing stage and reschedule flights there? Not to mention, if airplane companies are overbooking flights that sounds like a YOU problem. Isn’t it their responsibility to appropriately deal with overflow with a method that is obviously prone to overflow instead drag a dude down the aisle. Side note – I love how as horrified folks were in the video they STILL were not tryin’ to give up their seat!


One thing I’m not putting importance on is the fact that David is apparently a doctor. His reason for being on the flight was to see his patients. Leave it some corporate bull shit to fuck up your day. I just know if I was on that flight I would have to flip somebody before they drag my Black ass off like that! The most composed Urban Chameleon would have let that urban side out “I’ll whip ya ass if you lay one dirty finger on me!”
I wonder how much worse this would be if that Asian man was Becky…damn if only that Asian man had a Pepsi.




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