Easter With The Black Obamas vs. Easter With The White Trumps

By Dale St. Marthe

When I think about Easter I think about colors. I think about multicolored eggs rolling around in green grass. I think about old Black women at church with those extravagant hats. I think about a large table crammed with food, a dizzying amount of color on a rectangle, like a painting. I think about the color in my culture’s language, our dialect, how it punctuates and energizes the heart. I think about how laughs color the air and how conversation carries it. I think about family. Also, leftovers for days afterwards.


When I heard about the 2017 White House Easter Egg roll, I thought of the word “pallid.” I thought of a dull sky and equally dull clothing. I thought of tactless interactions and embarrassing cover-ups. I thought of an uncanny looking man with rubber skin interfacing with children who don’t really want to be there. Is it me or does the bunny look like he was having a better time with Obama?


And the funny thing is, I’m not far from the truth. In fact, that dystopian tea party description is exactly what went down this year. Obama took his family values and his color out of the White House when his term was over, and it’s noticeable at this year’s Easter Roll. It was like that lunch scene in Get Out with the stiff white people and the coon in that roaring twenties type outfit. Obama really took the swagger from the White House.


The sky was also overcast, at no blame to Trump you would think. But remember that it also rained on Trump’s inauguration day. I’m just saying, God is trying to tell us something y’all!

Oh, and don’t get me started on this guy and children. I hope Barron, who was with Trump and Melania for this event, receives the love that he deserves from this man because honestly, Trump was giving off hard rich white aristocrat vibes. He looked scared of the kids. None of the photos taken that day feature him interacting or engaging the kids, while Obama was hands on and full of charisma.

Can you even imagine Trump picking up somebody else’s child with this sort of good natured vibe?

Obama and Michelle interacted with the children like real parents. Look at the passion on their faces, you can tell they know how to interact with kids, especially knowing how they interact with their daughters.
On Trump’s side of the spectrum, he actually ended up making a child really sad by throwing his hat into the crowd after he was asked to sign it.

Smh, I just don’t get it with this guy.
And look how my man Obama was dressed! He looked colorful, yet stylish and relaxed. While Trump looked like he was going to a funeral: wearing a black suit with a republican red tie. Whose mans is this?
One moment that everyone is talking about is when Trump forgot what to do during the Star Spangled Banner. For a man who wants to make America great AGAIN he could at least force himself to follow tradition and put his hand over his heart. As an Urban Chameleon who went to a white private school, I’ve come to hate how they forced us to “pledge allegiance” to the flag. And now I’m wondering how Mr. Richy White himself, leader of the corporate dystopia, could forget to do something that’s almost instinctual to someone with so much patriotism. He MUST have gone to a private school with all that money. His immigrant wife had to frickin’ remind him how to be patriotic. Pay close attention to her left arm in this video.

Is he high? Did he forget he’s the president? Or did he think his job was just to bomb weaker countries? In either case, it’s a good thing there wasn’t a lot of people to witness this. About 21,000 people went, down from 37,000 in recent years. And just like the inauguration, there were no A-list celebrities there, not even Chrisette Michele I think was there, just various little known musical groups and a military band to instill that real American patriotism mindset. So, what’s the main thing I’m trying to point out here besides, the fact that this year’s White House Egg Roll was weak? Well, I’m trying to point out the kind of damage white privilege can do. The way Trump interacts with his family, and the way this event was handled: where reportedly they didn’t even have enough eggs for everyone, it appears that Trump was sheltered. Or maybe he’s just cold like that. The way he coldly operates America with consecutive executive orders, the man embodies rich white arrogance and narcissism. Obama by comparison was extremely down to Earth. His wife is so active in the community just look how she whipped out these moves for the White House Egg Roll performances:


She looks like somebodies Aunty after a few drinks, and she’s killing it! Obama was always quick to show his affection for her and his daughters. You would never imagine Trump consoling a crying child, because that’s not in his emotional response matrix, because he’s a government robot, and Obama came from the pavement, from the Earth. Just let this child’s testimony speak for itself:

Behold, from the mouths and fingers of babes.


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