Do you Believe That These Black People Are Eating Soul Food For the First Time?

Have you seen this Buzzfeed video, Black People Eating Soul Food For the First Time? Even if you have, can we talk? Can we really talk? Something about this video just don’t seem authentic….

We get it. We live in a time where folks got to get our attention with provocative titles but let’s not use provocative titles that make Black folks look cray cray. Three reasons why this video just ain’t right:

1.Could it be that these people are not actually eating REAL soul food. Where’s the evidence? Just listen to the first comment the brotha eating the black eyed peas makes, “Not bad but not super flavorful.”

Buzzfeed video soul food







(Snapshot from Buzzfeed video)

That comment don’t even go together with REAL soul food. What are these people eating soul food from Whole Foods?


2. Speaking of which, did you see how those collard greens in the video still look bright green?

Black People Try soul food for the first time







(Snapshot from Buzzfeed video)

Anybody who knows REAL soul food knows that REAL soul food collard greens have had every possible living nutrient along with the color cooked out of them. REAL soul food collard green look damn near black and very wilted in order for them to melt in ya mouth. They look more like this.

collard greens soul food








The collard greens from the Buzzfeed video are clearly more of a green that’s been lightly sautéed, kinda like how they do at Whole Foods where REAL people looking for REAL soul food do not go.  If you’re looking to start a fruits and vegetable fast…well then that’s where you go.

3. Who doesn’t like Soul Food? Like for real. Our bodies our programmed to like sugar and salt, which is why anybody trying to fast from these two devils looks exactly like a recovering drug addict. However, the point is that we guarantee if you put a REAL plate of soul food down in front of these Black folks who claim they are trying it for the first time it would look more like this


4. Lastly, why is this video even a big deal? We get that the Buzzfeed videos attempt to try and break stereotypes (we guess). However, being Black and eating soul food is not quite a “Black Card” validation thang. Many Black folks out here in these streets, since  slavery and its limited food options, have been getting their lives together; meaning their blood sugar and heart rate lives together so that they actually have a chance to  live longer than Big Mama (RIP). That means laying off the REAL soul food and opting for the healthy soul food options at Whole Foods like the vegan mac and cheese and kale salad. It begs the question, is this video necessary? Although that cobbler did look legit. If you’re going to make such a big deal about what “Black folks do” let’s keep it authentic. Cause what we do know Black folks do is keep it real.

Did anybody else catch at the end of the Buzzfeed video something about the images of the soul food were provided by Shutter Stock and not  125th Street in Harlem. Somebody please…


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